Mig Fighter Jet - Mikoyan-Gurevich

Mig Fighter Jet Air Craft- Development StoryOne of the most famous fighter jet around the world from the 2nd world war.

Story of the Mig Fighter jet

Mikoyan-Gurevich  Mig Fighter Jet Air Craft one of the world's most popular Fighter Jet which started building in 1939 due to the 2nd world war.

Mig 1 Fighter Jet
Mig 1
Aluminum cost was very high those days and engineers try to make a fighter jet with metal with wood. Finally they were Russian Air Force successful with their effort. the first Mig fighter jet built on 5th April 1940. At that time max speed of the Mig fighter jet was 648 Kmph and height was 22638 feet. 3rd of the Mig Fighter jet went to 16000 feet high in the sky with the bombs in 5 minutes with a 651 Kmph speed. After the success of Mig one Russian air force introduced Mig 3 on 29th October 1940. they developed 317 Mig 3 fighter jets. it was able to take extra 250 liters of fuel with 8 mm machine gun.

Russian Air Force introduced Mig 7 fighter jet in 1944 to the world. it was with an AM 38 Engine and then after that they built Mig 9 Fighter Air craft BMW 003 engine in 1946. they were used to train the Chinese air force pilots but soon it was removed from the usage and they introduced Mig 15 Fighter Jet in 30th December 1947 and it became a popular fighter jet around the world in 1949. These Mig 15 fighter air craft still used by some countries  to train their pilots.

Mig Fighter Jet
Mig 15

Due to the success of Mig 15 Russian Air Force introduced the Mig 17 Fighter jet . But until the US Air Force start using their Supersonic fighter jet Mig 15 was the Ruling the sky.18 000 Mig 15 fighter jets were built and exported 15000 of them.

In 14th January 1950 Russian Air Force built the Mig 17. North Korean Air Force and Pakistan Air force still using this fighter Aircraft. 10603 Mig 17 fighter Jets developed in the world. Russian Air force was able to develop Mig 19 Fighter Jet in 18th September 1953 and add to the Air force in march 1953. They developed 2172 Mig 19 Fighter Jets and now it has been removed from the air force.

Russia developed Mig 21 fighter jet in 14th February 1959 and it became one of the most popular and top rated fighter jet around the world. Mig 21 was the Main Fighter jet Air craft in Russian Air Force until 1990s. They developed 1196 jets and 10645 used by the Russian Air force. Indian Air Force still using 600 Mig 21 fighter jets.

Mig 21
Mig 21

Mig 23 Fighter jet introduced to the sky in 1967 and developed 5000 jets. Mig 25 Fighter Jet introduced in 1970 and 1190 jets developed. Mig 31 Fighter Aircraft is also a improved version of Mig 25. Algerian Air force, Syrian Air force used this Air craft. Mig 31 Fighter jet is also an improvement version of the Mig 21.

Mig 27 Fighter Jet developed in 20th august 1970 and used by the Indian air force and the Russian air force. They developed 1075 jet and stop the development in 1986.In 1977 October Russia developed the Mig 29 Fighter jet. From 1987 Indian air force, -Ukraine air force, Uzbekistan air force and the Russians start using this jet in their war operations. Mig 29 jets are still developing and 1600 jets are already developed. The price of an Mig 29 Fighter Jet is 290$. 

Mig Fighter Jet
Mig 29

By improving the features of the Mig 25  Russia developed the Mig 31 Fighter Air craft in 16th September 1975. And price of the Mig 31 fighter jet is 600 $ dollars and 400 fighter jet has been developed.
The latest development if the Mig Fighter Jet family is the Mig 35 which developed in 2007. And the Russian air force is still trying to improve the features and the performance of the Mig 35 Fighter Jet. It’s one of the most powerful fighter jet on the earth.
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