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Top Fighter Jet News 2012

Russian Fighter Jets
Russian Air Force take about 90 new modernized & rotary Fighter jets. in 2012. Su-35S is Russian advance Generation 4 fighter jet.
The Russian Air Force going to get 10 Su-34 Fullback fighter-jets,  10 Su-25SM Frogfoot Fighter jets & Su-35S Flanker-E multirole fighter jets.
And Fighter helicopters Mi-28N Night Hunter & the Ka-52 Alligator as well as Top rated fighter Mi-35 Hind helicops. And also Mi-8 transport five Mi-26T heavy lift helicops.

Brazil Fighter Jets
Brazil is postponing decision on a multi-billion-dollar purchase of 36 fighter jets until next year as a result of  their massive budget.

Japans To Purchase F-35 Jet Fighter

Japan’s decision to purchase the next-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). Like Canada, countries are choosing this state-of-the-art aircraft over other fighters including the F-18 Super Hornet and the Eurofighter Typhoon
Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin finished the Assembly of 1st International F-35 Lightning II fighter jet for the United Kingdom air force.
UK Ministry of Defence will take short vertical landing fighter jet, known as BK-1, for training and operational tests
Taiwan on locally develop fighter jet in a bid to boost its air defenses against Chibese after the US air force declined to sell it F16 fighter jets..

defense ministry has said they plan to upgrade 70+ Indigenous Defensive Fighters (IDF fighter jets  in a 4 year project estimate cost $587 million.

The retro-fitted jets have enhanced radar, electronic fighting systems and mission computers. Fighter jets are armed with 4 locally made air 2 air missiles up from 2 previously as well as ground attack bombs and missiles.

They  repeatedly urged US to sell Taiwan F16 C/D jets,  they are critical to help the island maintain sufficient self defense capabilities against Chinese rapidly expanding military power.

US last year approve $6.4 billion of weapons to Taiwan, including Patriot missiles and Black Hawk helicopters, but the fighter jets were not among them.

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